Jugando a distancia

The most accessible way to game over distance is to use video or conference calling. There are many application to video call with. We recommend Zoom and have produced a quick guide to get you started.


Playing games over video calls is a good way of spending quality time with a loved ones. Allowing you to focus on positive experience, without any pressure of having to think of something to say, when there's little news as no one has left the house.

As a general rule of thumb, games with few components, without hidden information (hands of cards) or that require physical interaction, work best. So party games, that focus on social aspects a require no components or basic ones, lend themselves to video calls.

This said games with boards or components while tricker can be played by the game owner keeping their camera focused on the board/play area. This said for these games to really shine, playing together through a boardgames website or app may give the best overall experience.


  • Try not to move the camera. This can be disorientating for other players and is rarely worth doing.
  • Instead bring components to the camera and as required set up with the camera focusing on the play space.
  • Take time to prepare the game considering what the logistics are. Will it work remotely?
  • Don't be afraid to tweak rules to provide a better distant gaming experience.
  • Consider your audience. Be inclusive, pick the game that best fits the group.
  • Shorter engaging games often work better than long and involved ones.
  • Playing games where people can drop in and drop out is often useful.
  • Having teams allows younger, busier or less interested players to quietly slip away.
  • Consider how to keep games engaging for your audience.
  • If possible delegate physical activity, like dice rolling, to remote players.
  • Have a host who is in-charge of keeping the game moving, and responding efficiently to remote players' requests.


Many games can be played over video calls. Here are some representative ones, we recommend but there are many, many more.